2007 Plastics in Automotive Glazings Conference – Research Frontiers Presentation Now Available

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On June 27, 2007, Joseph M. Harary, President of Research Frontiers, was an invited presenter at the Plastics in Automotive Glazings conference held in Frankfurt, Germany.
This international event focused on the use of plastics in automotive glazing products such as windows, sunroofs and panoramic roof systems. The advantages of using polycarbonate – weight savings, impact resistance, unprecedented design opportunities and others – have resulted in rapidly growing interest in the automotive industry.
Mr. Harary’s presentation provided an overview of the use of SPD technology in polycarbonate glazings, discussed how the technology can help overcome issues of solar heat gain and harmful ultraviolet transmission, and provided solutions to many other glazing-related challenges facing the automotive industry today.
This presentation is now available on Research Frontiers’ website by clicking here.

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