Alpha 76 Express And Alpha 76 Flybridge Yachts With SPD-SmartGlass Are Being Exhibited By Cheoy Lee Shipyards At The 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

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Production yachts from Cheoy Lee Shipyards feature Diamond Sea Glaze’s DiamondSmart brand of SPD-SmartGlass as standard equipment.
October 29, 2012 – Cheoy Lee Shipyards is exhibiting (Face Dock 6, 6A-C) two yachts – the Alpha 76 Express and the Alpha 76 Flybridge – at the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Orlando, Florida. These production yachts feature Research Frontiers (Nasdaq: REFR) licensee Diamond Sea Glaze’s DiamondSmart brand of SPD-SmartGlass.
The Alpha 76 Express is the first marine vessel to use instantly dimmable windows on a production model as standard equipment. It offers a distinctive combination of cutting edge design and innovative technology and has 150 square feet of SPD-Smart DiamondSmart glass at various places throughout the vessel. The main cabin is predominantly surrounded by SPD-SmartGlass with large panels on the port and starboard side to eliminate the need for interior window coverings, while also enhancing comfort and panoramic views from the yacht. In addition, the Alpha 76 has two large curved SPD-SmartGlass skylights to bring daylighting onboard while controlling heat, light and glare without the need for shades. These fast-switching and infinitely tunable glazings can be controlled by passengers or by the boat’s security system or a variety of cabin management systems. The Alpha 76 Flybridge features an outdoor helm station and is the second model introduced by Cheoy Lee Shipyards that uses SPD-SmartGlass.
Cheoy Lee Shipyards was established in 1870 and has built over 5,000 vessels that typically range from from 40-200 feet in length. Diamond Sea Glaze, now part of the Advanced Marine Technologies Group of companies, has been a custom manufacturer of windows, doors, hatches and custom glass for over 30 years. Diamond Sea Glaze’s production facility totals 80,000ft² of manufacturing space, and the company’s product innovations have focused on the marine and heavy equipment industries. The Advanced Marine Technologies Group is exhibiting at this year’s event in Yacht Builders Tent (booth #654-656).
Additional information about the 2012 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is available from the event website.
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