• Daylighting control
  • Enjoy view with variable tint
  • Control glare instantly
  • Cooler and quieter cabin
  • Privacy on demand
  • Eliminate shades
  • Control by passengers or crew
  • Programmable automated light-control
  • Modern design options
  • Low maintenance
  • Save weight and increase cabin space
  • Protect interiors
Visible Light Transmittance: As low as 99.96% light blockage
As high as 80% light transmission
UV rejection: As high as 99.9% (full-time), Protection up to 400 nm
Solar Control: Dark state: As high as 95% heat blockage
Clear state: As high as 57% heat transmission
Intermediate States: Infinitely tunable
Switching Speed: 1-3 seconds
Switching Uniformity: Completely uniform – no blotchiness or iris effects
Maximum Power Draw: As low as 1.8 mA/ft2
Size: Length: No limitation
Width: Up to 1 meter (larger widths available when film is seamed)
Shapes: Any
Substrates: Chemically strengthened glass
Composite glass
Bullet and hurricane resistant composites also available

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