Elite Auto Tune to Feature Smart Glass and Other New Products at 2009 SEMA Show with Sponsorship by Nuvo – “History in the Making”

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Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California – October 28, 2009. Elite Auto Tune, the leading U.S. distributor of the world’s most exclusive and exotic luxury automotive products, will feature three exciting new products at the 2009 SEMA International Show to be held November 3-6, 2009 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three products are Vario Plus Polar and Vario Plus Sky automotive smart glass, AK Car-Design aero styling kits and grills, and aero styling kits designed by LB Performance/Liberty Walk.
Elite Auto Tune (www.EliteAutoTune.com) will share booth #11353 at the SEMA show with American Glass Products (AGP, www.AGPGlass.com), producer of the Vario Plus line of dynamically adjustable windows and a licensee of Research Frontiers’ (www.SmartGlass.com) patented SPD-SmartGlass technology.
Elite Auto Tune is sponsored by Nuvo, the world’s first Sparkling liqueur celebrating “Joie de Vivre,” the Joy of Life. Since their introduction, Nuvo has taken the liqueur world by storm with marketing features in many music videos and magazine placements such as The Wendy Williams Show, Bazaar Magazine, In Touch Magazine, Vibe Magazine, and through Hollywood actor/artist Jamie Foxx. Celebrating the Joy of Life makes Nuvo and Elite Auto Tune’s collaboration a relatively seamless transition.
At the 2009 SEMA International Show, Elite Auto Tune will introduce to the world the much anticipated Vario Plus Polar and Vario Plus Sky automotive smart glass, the most innovative automotive accessory of the year. In addition to offering privacy and security, Vario Plus smart glass is the only automotive glass in the world that allows instant solar-control, tint adjustment, glare control and privacy with the touch of a button. Vario Plus glass is available for all exotic and ultra-luxury vehicles restyled by Elite Auto Tune. Bullet resistant glass and other security enhanced glass products are also available.
“Elite Auto Tune is making history by having the first Mercedes S550 in the world to feature Vario Plus solar-control glass with SPD light-control technology developed by the leading smart glass firm Research Frontiers Inc. This and other distinctive aftermarket upgrade luxury products, coupled with a globally connected network of manufacturers, dealerships, tuning shops and car enthusiasts, gives Elite Auto Tune and its partners a significant edge over other professional restylers and tuners offering luxury automotive aftermarket products and services,” says Maurice A. Curtis, CEO of Elite Auto Tune.
The Mercedes S550 at SEMA 2009 will have seven windows equipped with Vario Plus smart glass. The front sidelites, rear quarterlites and rear window will be made with Vario Plus Polar smart glass while the rear sidelites will be made with Vario Plus Sky smart glass that uses SPD light-control technology. SPD Control Systems Corp. (www.SPDControlSystems.com) developed and supplied the dynamic controller for the Vario Plus Sky smart windows.
At SEMA 2009, the company also will feature exclusive AK Car-Design Aero styling kits and grilles for Audi and Mercedes vehicles. AK Car-Design, known as “The Second Face,” delivers a new spin on aero styling and grilles for Mercedes, Audi and BMW luxury vehicles.
Elite Auto Tune also will showcase stylish but aggressive aero styling kits for the Lamborghini Murcielago and Gallardo created by LB Performance/Liberty Walk. Another SEMA show highlight will include the ultra-exclusive Lamborghini Buggy that has been selling out in other parts of the world. “The Lamborghini Buggy is a great product. Finally, there’s a Lamborghini that the whole family can drive,” says Anthony Benson, President of Global Trend Media Group.
Elite Auto Tune distributes leading luxury automotive products from its locations in Miami and Los Angeles. Among other luxury products, Elite Auto Tune offers multi-piece forged wheels, foreign aero styling kits, deep-sounding exhaust, engine performance mods, and the latest innovations in automotive tuning and adjustable solar smart glass. Products available are suitable for only the most exotic and luxurious vehicles available today, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Maybach, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Audi.
Elite Auto Tune’s automotive network has been referred to as the “Facebook of the Aftermarket Industry” (visit Elite’s Facebook and Twitter sites: http://www.facebook.com/people/Maurice-Curtis/100000417495222, http://twitter.com/eliteautotune).
Whether Elite Auto Tune is partnering with international companies such as Nuvo, American Glass Products (AGP) of Columbia, AK Car-Design of Deutschland, LB Performance/Liberty Walk of Japan, or networking with Fortune 500 CEOs, NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL players or Hollywood entertainers, the company is certainly solidifying its name as a leading distributor in the luxury auto goods industry.
For more information about Elite Auto Tune or to learn more about the new products it will be introducing at the 2009 SEMA International Show taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, visit www.EliteAutoTune.com or call 800-353-1132.

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