InspecTech Aero Service Unveils the Smart Cabin Automated Dimming System “SCADS” for its I-Shades at NBAA 2009

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October 21, 2009. InspecTech Aero Service, Inc., a licensee of Research Frontiers Inc. (NASDAQ: REFR), unveiled the Smart Cabin Automated Dimming System (SCADS™) for its I-Shades at the NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida.
The evolutionary design of this new technology exploits the unique performance characteristics of I-Shades (seen here in a pre-show promotional piece) and its cabin-wide electrical interface system. Now, in addition to the exclusive light, heat and glare control I-Shades bring to cabin windows, the product has evolved into an intelligent enabling technology capable of integrating into airframe systems and interfacing with other cabin systems such as CMS and IFE – providing unprecedented smart automation of cabin light-management.
This intelligent light-management system is likely to also attract the attention of other applications for SPD-Smart technology including marine, rail and others.
More details regarding this development in the SPD-SmartGlass industry, and contact information for the media and InspecTech customers, can be found in the InspecTech press release.
SPD-Smart(TM) products use patented SPD film technology developed by Research Frontiers. With the touch of a button or turn of a dial, users can instantly and precisely adjust the tint of windows, sunroofs, glass roof systems, skylights and other products. Automated adjustment of SPD-Smart products also is available using sensors or timing devices. SPD films can be combined with other glazing materials, such as materials used in armored glass, to meet a wide range of end-product requirements across many applications.
For further information or to arrange a visit to the Research Frontiers Design Center, please contact:
Research Frontiers Inc.
Gregory M. Sottile, Ph.D. – Director of Market Development
(516) 364-1902

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