InspecTech Expands Helicopter Models e-Shades are Installed on, Launches New Helicopter Website and Exhibits at Heli-Expo 2010

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From February 21-23, 2010, Research Frontiers licensee InspecTech Aero Service featured its e-Shade brand of SPD-Smart helicopter windows at the Heli-Expo 2010 show in Houston, Texas. A Sikorsky S-92 helicopter window was on display, and visitors experienced the e-Shade in action as well as several features of InspecTech’s new Smart Cabin Automated Dimming System – SCADS(TM).
In the week prior to the show, InspecTech and strategic partner AeroSolutions completed the installation of a shipset of e-Shades sold for a Eurocopter AS365 and launched a new website dedicated to the helicopter market.
InspecTech received media interest at the show as well. For example, BART International, a premier business aviation magazine, published a feature article on the evolution of InspecTech’s e-Shades and SCADS for helicopters. The article also provided an overview of many of the features of SCADS.
e-Shades are the first – and only – electrically dimmable window shades currently flying on helicopters. They are in use today on helicopters and commercial, corporate, and military aircraft. They are manufactured using SPD-Smart light-controlling film and a lightweight shatter-proof substrate. E-Shades provide instant and unlimited control with the simple push of a button – from a very dark tint (with more than 99% of incoming light blocked) to completely clear, and to any level of tint in between. They are the industry’s only dynamic switchable window shades that are now available for any helicopter as an aftermarket install at service centers worldwide, or for new production.
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