InspecTech Introduces iShade Dimmable Windows With New Performance And Safety Features

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Research Frontiers licensee InspecTech Aero Service offering SPD-Smart iShades with unique electronic control system features and unprecedented optical clarity.
NBAA, Orlando, FL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL – October 31, 2012. InspecTech Aero Service announced today from the National Business Aircraft Association Annual Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida a new SPD-Smart iShade dimmable window featuring an unmatched combination of performance benefits including improved optical qualities, plus thermal and acoustic insulation. InspecTech also announced new industry-first innovations in its aircraft cabin management and control systems.
The new iShade continues InspecTech’s tradition of working closely with its customers in the aviation industry to identify and meet every need of passengers and operators in an electronic dimmable cabin window.
SPD-Smart iShades are a dimmable window leader in aviation, with many industry “firsts” including:
➢ In general aviation, InspecTech recently celebrated the 11-year anniversary of the world’s first dimmable aircraft windows. SPD-Smart iShades installed in 2001 are still in service, validating the superior durability of iShades over any other shading system. iShades are, to this day, the only dimmable window to receive certification under FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).
➢ In commercial aviation, this month InspecTech marked an important 4-year anniversary. In October 2008, iShades installed on a Qantas Airbus A380 became the first dimmable windows to fly in the industry’s transport category aircraft. Since then, SPD-Smart iShades have been on every A380 aircraft delivered to Qantas. SPD-Smart iShades were the first dimmable window to be certified under an OEM Type Certificate (TC), and the first to fly on a commercial airline.
The new iShade features continue this mission of innovation by offering OEMs and their customers a new generation of performance attributes, and new control features to enhance safety and passenger comfort.
While all prior generations of high-performing iShade dimmable windows complied with all FAA regulations, were lightweight, and shatterproof, InspecTech’s newly-developed iShade has a higher light transmission, greater contrast ratio, unprecedented optical clarity, superior acoustic and thermal insulation properties, and lighter weight than its predecessors and offers the highest combination of performance benefits in the industry.
InspecTech’s certified electronics architecture to control the transparency of iShades are very flexible, offering the ability to expand functionality and integrate into all environments to meet the needs of various aircraft operators and passengers. InspecTech announced today a new software release that expands functionality and features to meet the needs of OEMs and their passengers:
1) OEMs have an interest in having iShade dimmable windows switch to their clearest state in the event of a power loss. InspecTech’s electronics architecture can now accomplish this and offer “the best of both worlds” – when unpowered on the ramp, the windows automatically switch to their darkest, maximum heat-rejecting state, and when in the air, they instantly switch to the clear state in the event of a loss of power.
The new software release is also a breakthrough for InspecTech’s electromechanical pleated shade partners. MSA Aircraft Products and Lou Martin & Associates offer products that have both pleated shade and iShade components – providing customers new design options. These products are currently on display at the NBAA. Using InspecTech’s new electronics, if there is a loss of power, the iShades switch clear, and the pleated shades automatically rise – an industry first.
2) For several years, InspecTech has offered an option to include an iShade “auto-dimming feature.” Sensors on the airframe monitor light conditions, and command each iShade to continuously adjust, in real-time, the degree of tint. The ideal amount of light selected by the passenger comes through each window at all times, for “hands free” comfort. OEMs have expressed an interest to enable passengers to have greater control of this feature, and the new electronics software release accomplishes this. On the iShade control switch at the window, passengers are given the option to select auto-dim for their window to keep the light coming into the aircraft cabin at a consistent level, or they can manually and instantly control their windows to any degree of light transmission from dark to clear.
As an integrated system, the iShade dimmable window system is the complete solution for managing the environmental challenges outside conditions inflict on the cabin interior.
For information about InspecTech Aero Service and its SPD-Smart product line, please contact:
James P Lang, President
InspecTech Aero Service
Ft. Lauderdale International Airport
240 SW 34th Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315
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