InspecTech Introduces the E3 Tri-Tech Shading System

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HAMBURG, GERMANY, May 18, 2010 – Today at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo, Research Frontiers Inc. licensee InspecTech Aero Service (Stand 7H26) unveiled the new high-end aircraft cabin window shade – the E3 Tri-Tech Shading System™.
More details about this new product line are contained in InspecTech Aero Service’s press release and additional information will be released during the Hamburg show.
The E3 Tri-Tech Shading System is a new product category that integrates InspecTech’s SPD-Smart™ I-Shade™ smart windows with traditional electromechanical pleated shades.
InspecTech was the first company to introduce electronically dimmable window shades to the aerospace industry in 2001. These SPD-Smart I-Shades are now being used in commercial, general aviation, and military aircraft and they are also the only instantly dimmable smart window shades to be currently flying on commercial aircraft, and the only ones known to have received an STC from the FAA.
Unlike other aircraft window shading products such as those using electrochromic technology which typically are adjustable in 45 to 90 seconds, InspecTech’s SPD-Smart products offer instant and precise light-control capabilities. Also, InspecTech’s I-Shade product is the only electronic window shade to offer passengers 100% privacy and infinite levels of light-control.
InspecTech has now partnered with other window shade manufacturers to offer an innovative and benefit-filled solution that finally addresses the limitations of current dual-pleated shades.
InspecTech’s E-Shade, I-Shade and their new E3 Tri-Tech Shading System will be on display by several major manufacturers at the Aircraft Interiors Expo being held May 18-20, 2010 in Hamburg, Germany.
For additional information about InspecTech Aero Service and its entire SPD-Smart I-Shades product line for commercial, general aviation and military aircraft, visit Stand 7H26 at the Aircraft Interiors Expo or contact:
InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.
James Lang, President
888-570-1727 or 954-359-6766
For further information about SPD-Smart technology contact:
Research Frontiers Inc.
Michael R. LaPointe, Vice President – Marketing

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