InspecTech Unveils New Smart Cabin Management System at 2010 NBAA: World’s First System Using Apple iOS Operating System as Platform

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October 19, 2010. Today at the NBAA aerospace convention, InspecTech Aero Service, a licensee of Research Frontiers Inc. (NASDAQ: REFR), announced a suite of products branded iCabin(TM).
iCabin represents the next generation of Cabin Management System and In-Flight Entertainment System. It is the first time that these systems employ the robust Apple(R) iOS mobile operating system as the platform, and the first to use iPads(TM), iPhones(R) and iPods(R) as core hardware.
InspecTech’s iShade dimmable windows using Research Frontiers’ SPD technology are a key feature of this aircraft cabin management system. Precise, real-time control over light and glare entering aircraft is essential for enhancing other elements of the system, and only iShades can provide this.
InspecTech said in a press release today:
“iCabin delivers an array of never-before-available features and benefits to aircraft, all driven using the reliable Apple iOS operating system as its user-friendly interface. The iCabin suite of products offer seamless, integrated CMS and IFE solutions, cabin management, “office in the sky” productivity, and cabin entertainment.”
More details about iCabin are available in todays InspecTech press release.
More information about the NBAA Annual Convention can be found on the event website.
iShades with SPD-Smart(TM) technology instantly regulate light, glare and heat entering the aircraft – from fully clear to completely private, and to any level of view-preserving tint in between. The tint of the iShades can be electrically tuned to any level from extremely dark (over 99.96% light blockage) to clear – from each window individually or cabin-wide. These dynamic shades improve passenger comfort and satisfaction, increase security, lower in-cabin noise levels, block over 99% of harmful UV light and block unwanted solar heat from entering the aircraft when on the ground.
iShades are now flying on 24 aircraft models worldwide – general and business aviation, transport category and military aircraft. They are certified and on new production aircraft and helicopters and as aftermarket products as well. They are the first and the only instantly dimmable window system flying today. They are also the only dimmable windows offering 100% privacy.

For further information about iCabin and iShades for aircraft and helicopters contact:
InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.
James Lang, President

To learn more about SPD technology, please visit or follow us on our Twitter and Facebook sites.
For inquiries, to arrange a presentation, or to visit the Research Frontiers Design Center, please contact:
Research Frontiers Inc.
Michael R. LaPointe, Vice President – Marketing
(516) 364-1902

SPD-Smart(TM) is a trademark of Research Frontiers Inc.
i-Shade(TM) and iCabin(TM) are trademarks of InspecTech Aero Service Inc.
Apple(R), iPhone(R), iPod(R), and iPhone(R) are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad(TM) is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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