Joseph M. Harary Interviewed by Wall Street Reporter – Listen to Webcast Now

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An interview with Joseph M. Harary, President of Research Frontiers, is now available via webcast. This interview was conducted by Wall Street Reporter on June 17, and is available online at least until Monday, June 22.
A number of important topics are discussed in the interview including new independent test data confirming the energy efficiency of SPD-Smart windows, the ability to save additional energy through the efficient use and control of daylighting, the expansion of SPD businesses by Research Frontiers licensees, new SPD-Smart offerings including the ability to produce very large smart windows and to retrofit existing windows to make them SPD-Smart, and a collaborative marketing program for the SPD aerospace application including an advertising campaign starting next month.
More information about SPD-Smart light-control technology can be found at Research Frontiers’ website or by contacting:

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