Nextant Aerospace Selects SPD-Smart I-Shades for its 400NEXT Aircraft

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On April 6, 2010, Nextant Aerospace issued a press release announcing the selection of InspecTech Aero Service’s I-Shade(TM) brand of SPD-Smart(TM) cabin windows for the 400NEXT aircraft. Nextant Aerospace also announced that InspecTech’s I-Shades interface with the Rockwell Collins Venue cabin management system (CMS) also on-board the 400NEXT.
In the Nextant press release, James Miller, President of Nextant Aerospace, commented: “This remarkable cabin light management system fits perfectly with our mission to modernize the cabin of the 400NEXT and to offer leading edge cabin amenities. In February, we conducted the first flight of a fully equipped Phase 1 400NEXT aircraft and the I-Shades’ benefits were compelling. I compliment the fine collaborative work of InspecTech and Rockwell Collins in integrating I-Shades with the Venue CMS. We look forward to having others experience the comfort and utility of I-Shade dimmable windows.”
To learn more about this announcement of the selection of I-Shades, and to view a photo of I-Shades on the 400NEXT, see the Nextant Aerospace press release.
While a professional video shoot of the 400NEXT is planned, we thought in the meantime you would like to see a video showing the aircraft, including its fast-responding I-Shades, in operation.

For further information about I-Shades for aircraft and helicopters contact:
InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.
James Lang, President

For further information about SPD-Smart technology contact:
Research Frontiers Inc.
Michael R. LaPointe, Vice President – Marketing

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