Research Frontiers Celebrates Earth Day 2010

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Today we join with people around the globe to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. We share the belief that by helping to grow awareness and knowledge of sustainable design practices and product solutions, we improve the quality of the environment and the vitality of people’s lives.
We agree with those who say “Every day is Earth Day” because there always are opportunities to make smart decisions about saving energy and natural resources. Research Frontiers and its global network of licensed partners are working together to bring the sustainable benefits of SPD-Smart architectural and transportation products to the world.
Many SPD-Smart products – windows, skylights, partitions, doors, sunroofs and more – offer exceptional control over incoming daylight, heat and glare. These products provide a valued bundle of performance features not available from any other smart glass technology:
+ Infinite levels of light-control between dark and clear states
+ Fast switching speeds – ability to change tint from dark to light in seconds rather than minutes
+ Consistent switching speeds that do not vary with window size
+ Light-blocking in excess of 99.5% and the highest contrast ratio of any large-format smart glass technology
+ Rejection of up to 94% of incoming heat from the sun (SHGC = .06)
+ Greater than 99.5% blocking of harmful UV light
+ Very low power consumption
+ Easy integration with sensors and control systems to automate a building or vehicle for optimal energy savings and occupant comfort
The need to control light is universal. SPD-Smart products allow people to better manage light in ways that lower energy use, reduce environmental impact, and raise people’s well-being and comfort. The New Buildings Institute reports that daylight harvesting can save 35-60% on artificial lighting costs in buildings. SPD-Smart windows and skylights strongly support daylight harvesting goals by optimally regulating the amount of incoming natural light through windows so that occupants’ task-lighting needs are satisfied and artificial lighting costs are reduced. SPD-Smart products also dynamically regulate the sun’s incoming heat – capturing more on cold days and rejecting more on warm ones – thus helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. SPD-Smart automotive sunroofs keep interiors cooler and support vehicle efficiency, while also providing drivers and passengers with exceptional connectedness to the outdoor environment.
Sustainable SPD-Smart solutions are available now from Research Frontiers and its licensed partners.
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