Research Frontiers Launches New Website

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May 12, 2006: Research Frontiers Incorporated has launched a new website. Consumers, businesses and others interested in SPD light-control technology will find that the site has several new features and that it is rich in content. All areas of the website are updated and the Resources section offers access to downloadable market research and other useful information. Inquiries about SPD-Smart products or those related to licensing and other business opportunities are now streamlined to provide even faster response times to a growing number of visitors. The site offers many new services to investors as well, including timely access to company and corporate governance information, public filings, current and historical stock price information, and more. Be sure to stay current with all of the latest developments regarding patented SPD light-control technology. Bookmark this site and join our email notification list to receive timely news and information of interest to you. Thank you for visiting.

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