Research Frontiers Licensee American Glass Products Launches Global Marketing Campaign

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On October 30, 2007, Research Frontiers licensee American Glass Products (AGP) unveiled its new SPD-Smart products at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and announced the launch of a global marketing campaign. These new SPD-Smart products, offered under the brand name AGP Vario Plus-Sky, use Research Frontiers’ patented SPD light-control film technology that enables users to instantly, precisely and consistently control the amount of light, glare and heat coming through glass or plastic.
At the SEMA show, AGP announced that its Vario Plus side and back windows are available now for 22 vehicle models in the United States market, with an additional 4 models under development. For the smart sunroof market, AGP Vario Plus products are under development for over 50 vehicle models in the US market.
AGP has indicated that AGP Vario Plus windows and sunroofs are also under development for many more vehicle models worldwide. In addition, AGP can custom manufacture these products for virtually any vehicle.
AGP has launched its global marketing campaign to automotive original equipment manufacturers and to the automotive aftermarket. To support all companies involved with the sales and marketing of AGP Vario Plus intelligent glass products, AGP has developed a variety of support programs, materials, portable displays and product samples.
For your convenience, links are provided below to AGP’s information about its SPD-Smart products:
AGP press release dated October 29, 2007.
AGP SPD-SmartGlass products webpage.
AGP Vario Plus Catalog (including specifications).
Photo of AGP Vario Plus-Sky at the 2007 Las Vegas SEMA show.

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