Research Frontiers Licensee Hitachi Chemical Announces Expansion of Production Capacity for SPD Film

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Research Frontiers is pleased to inform you that its licensee Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. announced details about its new production facility and the expansion of its production capacity for roll-coated, wide-width suspended particle device (SPD) light-control film.
Hitachi Chemical is now supplying commercially usable film to end-product licensees of Research Frontiers for the automotive, architectural, marine and aircraft markets. With its newly completed coating line dedicated to production of SPD film, Hitachi Chemical reports that it has expanded its production capacity of SPD film to 400,000 square meters (4.3 million square feet) per year.
Details are contained in the press release which Hitachi issued on BusinessWire today.
SPD-Smart(TM) products use patented SPD film technology developed by Research Frontiers. With the touch of a button or turn of a dial, users can instantly and precisely adjust the tint of windows, sunroofs, glass roof systems, skylights and other products. Automated adjustment of SPD-Smart products also is available using sensors or timing devices. SPD films can be combined with other glazing materials, such as those used in armored glass, to meet a wide range of end-product requirements across many applications.
Because they instantly and precisely control incoming light and heat, SPD-Smart products offer energy saving benefits because they can manage solar heat build-up and lower energy used for artificial lighting.
In its press release, Hitachi Chemical highlighted the growing demand for smart glass and several of the advantages offered by SPD film technology when compared to other switchable materials such as liquid crystals and electrochromics. Customers for Hitachi Chemical’s SPD film are end-product licensees of Research Frontiers around the world. These companies receive the film, laminate it into glass or plastic, and then fabricate end-products sold into various industries. End-product licensees pay Research Frontiers a royalty on the sale of these end-products that typically ranges from 10-15%.
Hitachi Chemical reports in its press release that it plans to “accelerate the use of SPD film, which holds significant potential for growth” and notes that “SPD film is positioned as one of the key emerging products promoted by Hitachi Chemical to become a future leading product for the company.”
Hitachi Chemical gave a presentation to analysts dated October 30, 2009 on the company’s performance during the first half of the year and highlighted management issues for the second half. In that presentation, Hitachi Chemical noted that it is targeting SPD film sales of 5 billion yen ($53.4 million) in 2012.
For more information about Hitachi Chemical’s SPD light-control film please visit their website.
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