Research Frontiers Licensee Innovative Glass Supplies SPD-Smart Windows for Historic Home at Fort Knox

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Research Frontiers Inc. (Nasdaq: REFR) licensee Innovative Glass Corporation issued a press release today announcing it has supplied SPD-Smart(TM) windows for an energy-efficient renovation at the historic Henry House located within Fort Knox in Kentucky.
The completed installation is part of a “net-zero” energy project to demonstrate that energy-efficient smart windows and other state-of-the-art technologies can cost-effectively be included in renovation and retrofit applications to save money.
Windows from Innovative Glass, using SPD technology under license from Research Frontiers, were selected after an evaluation of other smart window technologies including electrochromics.
More information about this installation, including an image of the Henry House at Fort Knox, is available from the Innovative Glass press release.
The SPD-Smart windows in the Henry House use SPD “light” film which has a dynamic light transmission range from 65% in the clear state down to a room-darkening 3% in the tinted state. The light transmission is instantly and precisely adjustable to any level between dark and clear, a performance characteristic that is not possible with electrochromic technology. In addition to the dynamic light range, the windows also block 99% of harmful and fabric–fading ultraviolet rays.
Made using patented light-control SPD film developed by Research Frontiers, SPD-SmartGlass is the world’s fastest-switching variably tintable dynamic glazing technology. It is the only dimmable window technology that gives users the ability to instantly and precisely control the level of shading to any point between very dark and clear. This provides exceptional control over incoming solar energy while also adding to user comfort and protecting interiors. Available in both glass and lightweight polycarbonate substrates, SPD-Smart products – windows, skylights, doors, partitions, sunroofs and more – are laminated glazings that offer a distinctive combination of sustainability and security, can be controlled manually or automatically, and are available in custom sizes and fabrications for new construction, replacement and retrofit projects.
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