Research Frontiers’ Licensee Vision Systems and Their Partner Vaupell Jointly Exhibit SPD-Smart Window System For Aircraft

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Vision Systems and Vaupell SPD Window at 2013 AIX Americas.doc

Vision Systems SPD-Smart dimmable window, integrated with Vaupell window assembly,
showcased this week at the AIX Americas aerospace trade show in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle, WA, and Woodbury, NY – October 4, 2013. Research Frontiers (Nasdaq: REFR) licensee Vision Systems has partnered with Vaupell, a leading supplier of plastic interior components and assemblies to OEM and Tier 1 aircraft manufacturers, to offer the industry a complete SPD-Smart light-control window system. Vision Systems’ Noctis window and control system, integrated with Vaupell’s window assembly, was publicly showcased this week at Vaupell’s AIX Americas booth.

Vision Systems and Vaupell entered into a strategic partnership to develop and offer SPD-Smart Noctis and Nuance windows to OEMs, including Vaupell’s longstanding customer Boeing.

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The featured product at Vaupell’s booth was a
commercial aircraft window mockup made SPD-
Smart by Vision Systems’ Noctis dimmable window.

Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart windows offer instant and precise light-control at all levels to provide a solar protection solution that enhances comfort and improves passengers’ experience on aircraft. Nuance and Noctis windows offer complete control of daylight and heat entering the cabin, instantly transform the look of the interior at the touch of a button, and synergistically complement other cabin systems for an unequalled passenger experience. Nuance rapidly transitions from clear to darkly tinted, or any level of tint in between, and Noctis also instantaneously provides total blackout. Nuance and Noctis can be controlled through the cabin management system or directly at the window.

Vision Systems also announced last week that they will unveil the world’s first self-powered dimmable window for aircraft, using Research Frontiers SPD-Smart technology, at the upcoming NBAA trade show in Las Vegas. This product, branded Energia, can operate without using the aircraft’s electrical system. Energia integrates an optically clear layer that is capable of producing its own energy from the sun or artificial light sources. Energia facilitates the process of installing SPD-Smart windows on new production and aftermarket aircraft – no modifications to the aircraft’s existing electrical system are required, because Energia is completely independent from the cabin’s wiring.

To learn more about SPD-Smart products, visit, or contact:

Michael LaPointe
Vice President – Aerospace Products
Research Frontiers Inc.

“SPD-Smart” is a trademark of Research Frontiers Inc. “Noctis” and “Nuance” and “Energia” are trademarks of Vision Systems.

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