Research Frontiers President and CEO Joseph M. Harary to Present at the 2010 Plastics in Automotive Glazing Conference

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Joseph M. Harary, President and Chief Executive Officer of Research Frontiers Inc. (Nasdaq: REFR), is presenting at the 2010 Plastics in Automotive Glazing conference to be held November 22-23, 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Mr. Harary’s presentation, entitled “Making Automotive Glazings Smart,” is scheduled for 10:45 AM on Monday, November 22 and precedes the conference’s keynote presentation being given by Chris Bangle, former Director of BMW Group Design. Mr. Harary will discuss SPD-Smart(TM) light-control film technology, its performance characteristics, and applications for SPD-Smart technology including automotive windows and roof systems. Unlike electrochromic glazings, SPD light-control technology can be fabricated with either glass or plastic substrates, or combinations of both, and offers instant switching.
Representatives of many of the world’s leading automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and other automotive suppliers are expected to attend the 2010 Plastics in Automotive Glazing conference. This conference will focus on the use of plastics in passenger vehicles in order to achieve weight and emission reduction savings as well as how polycarbonate windows can meet design, performance and sustainability. More information is available from the conference website.
Using SPD technology, drivers and passengers can automatically or manually control light, heat and glare coming into the vehicle. SPD-Smart automotive windows and sunroofs uniformly change from optically transparent to blocking over 99% of visible light and can be tuned to any level of tint in between. All of this is done instantly to optimize passenger comfort and reduce demands on the vehicle’s heating and cooling system, thereby conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions. SPD-Smart glazings also block over 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, reduce noise, increase security and need extremely low amounts of power. Conference attendees will be able to interact with an actual SPD-Smart window, and in his presentation, Mr. Harary also will discuss many examples of SPD-Smart product installations in both glass and plastic.
There is a widespread trend toward increasing amounts of glazing used per vehicle. For example, the percentage of vehicles with a sunroof is growing, as is their average surface area. This trend creates new challenges for the automotive industry. Traditional sunroof shading systems cannot be used in automobiles designed with large roof glazings, and high levels of solar heat gain contribute to lower fuel efficiency. SPD-Smart technology addresses both of these challenges. SPD-Smart glazings, available now for large-area projects, allow users to instantly and precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat transmitted through the sunroof or side lites. This can eliminate the need for traditional shading systems, reduces demand on the vehicle’s heating and cooling system, and provides passengers with more headroom and a very comfortable driving experience in all seasons.
Made using patented light-control SPD film developed by Research Frontiers, SPD-Smart products are the world’s fastest-switching variably tintable dynamic glazing technology. It is the only dynamic glazing technology that gives users the ability to instantly and precisely control the level of shading to any point between very dark and clear. This provides exceptional control over incoming solar energy while also adding to user comfort and protecting interiors. Available in both glass or plastic panels, SPD-Smart products – windows, skylights, doors, partitions, sunroofs and more – are laminated glazings that offer a distinctive combination of sustainability and security and can be controlled manually or automatically. SPD-Smart products are available in custom sizes and fabrications for new construction, replacement and retrofit projects.
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