SPD-Smart™ Aircraft Windows to be Showcased at the Heli-Expo in Las Vegas Next Week

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Fort Lauderdale, FL and Woodbury, NY – March 12, 2004. Research Frontiers Incorporated (Nasdaq: REFR), and InspecTech Aero Service, Inc., a licensee of Research Frontiers, are pleased to announce that numerous SPD-Smart™ aircraft cabin window products will be exhibited next week at the Heli-Expo from March 15-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
SPD-Smart aircraft cabin windows such as the I-Shade™ allow passengers or flight crew to immediately control and “tune” the amount of light, glare and heat entering the aircraft cabin. Powered by VaryFast™ SPD-Smart technology developed by Research Frontiers, these windows offer a new way to enhance comfort while maintaining view, protect interior furnishings, and provide privacy in aircraft.
The high-tech windows, with no moving parts, replace ordinary window shades with additional benefits of saving space and weight, and reducing maintenance costs. The electronics are software programmable for maximum flexibility to meet customer needs, and have passed the high standards of DO160 testing.
At the Heli-Expo show, sponsored by Helicopter Association International (HAI), aircraft OEMs and suppliers will showcase I-Shade and other SPD-Smart aircraft cabin window products offered by InspecTech Aero Service. AeroSolutions will feature a variety of SPD-Smart products at their booth. At the Bell Textron booth, a Bell 430 helicopter will be SPD-Equipped™. Other companies also plan to exhibit aircraft with SPD-Smart windows.
More information about the HAI Heli-Expo can be found at http://www.heliexpo.com
The Heli-Expo marks the largest exposure of InspecTech’s SPD-Smart product line at a single exhibition. It is reflective of the rapidly growing aerospace industry interest in converting existing aircraft window shade products to SPD-Smart products. After rigorous design, testing, certification, and engineering phases, InspecTech has received FAA certification for a broad range of commercial and private airplanes and helicopters. InspecTech has installed or is currently engineering SPD-Smart windows for the following aircraft, as well as others not yet publicly disclosed:
1. Airbus A319, A320
2. Boeing 737,747, 757, 777, BBJ
3. Bombardier Challenger 601, 604
4. Bombardier Global Ex
5. Bombardier Learjet 24, 25, 31, 35, 36, 45, 55,60
6. Cessna Citation I, II, III
7. Cessna Conquest I, II
8. Cessna Citations 525,525A, 550, Excel, 5 and CX
9. Dassault Falcon 10, 50
10. EADS Eurocopter EC 155
11. Gulfstream (all models)
12. Piaggio P180 Avanti, and Pilatus PC-12
13. Raytheon Beechjet
14. Raytheon Hawker 700, 800
15. Raytheon King Air 90, 100, 200, 350
16. Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter
17. Textron-Lycoming Bell 430 Helicopter
About InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.
InspecTech Aero Service, Inc. provides aerospace component design, production, marketing, and distribution. Serving both the OEM and aftermarket industry segments, InspecTech customers include Fortune 10 Aerospace Corporations in the United States. As the holder of a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, InspecTech manufactures high-quality, precision aftermarket parts and systems for helicopters and commercial, regional and business aircraft. InspecTech is a licensee of SPD-Smart™ window technology from Research Frontiers Incorporated. Additional information about InspecTech Aero Service, Inc. can be found on the Internet at http://www.inspectech.net.
About SPD Technology and Research Frontiers Incorporated
Research Frontiers Incorporated (RFI) develops and licenses suspended particle device (SPD) technology used in SPD-Smart™ light-control glass and plastic products. SPD technology, made possible by a flexible light-control film invented by RFI, allows the user to instantly and precisely control the shading of glass/plastic manually or automatically. SPD technology has numerous product applications, including: SPD-Smart™ windows, sunshades, skylights and interior partitions for homes and buildings; automotive windows, sunroofs, sun-visors, sunshades, rear-view mirrors, instrument panels and navigation systems; aircraft windows; eyewear products; and flat panel displays for electronic products. SPD-Smart film technology was recently awarded a “Best of What’s New Award” from Popular Science magazine for home technology and was also named by the Society of Automotive Engineers’ Aerospace Engineering magazine as one of the top new technologies for 2002. SPD technology is covered by over 400 patents and patent applications held by RFI worldwide. Currently 29 companies are licensed to use RFI’s patented SPD light-control technology in emulsions, film, or end products. Information about RFI and its licensees can be found at www.SmartGlass.com.
Note: From time to time Research Frontiers may issue forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties. This press release contains forward looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Actual results could differ and are not guaranteed. Any forward-looking statements should be considered accordingly. SPD-SmartT™, VaryFast™, Powered by SPD™, The View of the Future – Everywhere You Look™ and Visit SmartGlass.com – to change your view of the world™ are trademarks of Research Frontiers Incorporated. SPD-Equipped™ and I-Shade™ are trademarks of InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.
InspecTech Aero Service, Inc.
James Lang, President

Research Frontiers Incorporated
Joseph M. Harary, President
Patricia A. Bryant, Manager of Investor Relations

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