SPD-Smart Retrofit of Architectural Skylights: Case Study

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Research Frontiers Inc. (Nasdaq: REFR) is pleased to share with you highlights of a case study involving SPD-Smart retrofits of architectural skylights.
The homeowner was experiencing substantial heat build-up in the summertime because of solar energy passing through three large skylights in his expansive kitchen area. This excessive heat rendered this area of the home oppressively hot at times and required costly use of the home’s air conditioning system.
Research Frontiers licensee Innovative Glass Corporation supplied SPD-Smart retrofits for the three skylights. In addition to making the home more comfortable and suitable for entertaining, the homeowner reported a 22% reduction in zoned cooling bills last July and August because of these fast-switching and infinitely adjustable retrofits.
Summer is approaching quickly. SPD-Smart products offer many ways to be more comfortable and improve energy efficiency.
Read the full case study to learn more.
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