University of Cambridge Study Finds Energy Efficient SPD-Smart Windows Reduce Solar Heat Gain by up to 90%

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Research Frontiers Inc. (Nasdaq: REFR) licensee SmartGlass International Ltd. announced today that a new study published by the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge concluded that SPD-Smart(TM) light-control windows are exceptionally energy efficient, reducing solar heat gain by as much as 90%. This new study follows a 2009 independent analysis performed by DSET Laboratories, a division of Atlas Material Testing Technology, which determined that SPD-Smart windows were similarly energy efficient.
Further information about this study entitled “Smart Building Envelopes” can be found on the SmartGlass International website and in their press release.
The extraordinary reduction in solar heat gain using SPD-Smart windows contributed to a 65% reduction in annual cooling loads. The Cambridge study indicated that the real-world testing “confirms theoretical predictions that SPD glass holds great energy saving potential and is a technology that can really help to reduce energy wastage of glass facades.”
In addition to SPD-Smart technology, the Cambridge study discussed alternative dynamic glazing technologies that could be used in windows (e.g. electrochromic), and reported that SPD-Smart technology did not have the disadvantages that limited the potential of these alternative technologies. For example, the study cited that an electrochromic window that is 2.4m2 can take up to 30 minutes to change from clear to dark, or vice-versa.
The Cambridge study concluded that SPD-Smart technology is the most promising dynamic glazing technology, and summarized the performance of SPD-SmartGlass(TM) as an energy efficient building material as follows: “It can be concluded from both real-world and simulation results that SPD glass is able to maintain a comfortable room temperature, and prevent unwanted fluctuation linked with the change in external temperature. It can also be concluded that SPD glass holds great energy saving potential due to its ability to reduce high levels of solar heat energy into the room, therefore reducing in turn the energy required to cool the room to a comfortable or necessary temperature.”
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