Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart Aerospace Products Will Be Featured In HondaJet’s Aircraft Cabin Mock-Up At NBAA 2012

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Vision Systems also announces details of its new weight-saving SPD-Smart Nuance Xlite product exhibited at their NBAA 2012 booth.
ORLANDO, FL, WOODBURY, NY and BRIGNAIS, FRANCE – October 30, 2012 – Research Frontiers (Nasdaq: REFR) licensee Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart products will be displayed at the 2012 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual Meeting & Convention being held from October 30 – November 1, 2012 in Orlando, Florida.
Vision Systems’ Nuance brand of SPD-Smart dimmable windows will be featured in Honda Aircraft Company’s HondaJet aircraft cabin mock-up (booth #5393).SPD-Smart window shades allow passengers to instantly and uniformly control the amount of light and heat entering the cabin. They offer consistent and very fast switching speeds and an infinite number of intermediate shading levels, ranging from very clear to blackout – giving the cabin a distinctive look and comfortable feeling. The HondaJet aircraft is currently scheduled to enter service in 2013.
Vision Systems will also exhibit its Nuance and Noctis SPD-Smart products and sophisticated cabin management systems working with these innovative electronically-dimmable window shades at its NBAA booth (#1626). The Nuance and Noctis dimmable windows will be operated by VisiSmart, an application for personal electronic devices developed by Vision Systems. VisiSmart makes it possible for airlines to offer in-flight entertainment, and control of cabin management systems such as lighting, on passenger-owned handheld devices. Both products are available for aircraft and helicopters. The company will also exhibit its SPD-Smart Nuance dimmable window combined with its Comfort Shade product for additional interior design options including colors.
“We are known as Architect of Innovations,” commented Carl Putman, CEO of Vision Systems. “This year’s NBAA is a wonderful opportunity for OEMs and customers to experience our distinctive products and control systems in our booth and also see how our SPD-Smart Nuance and Noctis windows operate in a full cabin environment in the HondaJet. We also are pleased to introduce our SPD-Smart Nuance Xlite aircraft windows to address OEM’s concerns about excessive weight in aircraft and its effect on fuel efficiency. This new product is up to 50% lighter when compared to standard polycarbonate shades. We believe the weight-savings of SPD-Smart Nuance Xlite will contribute substantially to an aircraft’s fuel efficiency and improve passengers’ comfort.”
The NBAA is the year’s most significant event for the business aviation industry. It brings together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, corporate aviation department personnel and people involved in nearly all aspects of business aviation. More information is available from the event website.
Details about Vision Systems and its SPD-Smart products are available in the company’s press release and by visiting the automotive and aerospace sections of their website.
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