Vision Systems Exhibits Its SPD-Smart Nuance And Noctis Products At Busworld 2011

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The “sustainable mobility” benefits of Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart product line will be demonstrated at the bus and coach industry’s premiere event.
October 21, 2011 – Research Frontiers (Nasdaq: REFR) licensee Vision Systems is exhibiting (Booth #4-22) its SPD-Smart™ Nuance and Noctis ground transportation products at Busworld Kortrijk 2011 being held October 21-26, 2011 at the Kortrijk Xpo in Belgium.
Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart Nuance and Noctis products for ground transportation vehicles offer instant and precise light-control at every level which provides original equipment manufacturers and vehicle operators with a solar protection solution that effectively introduces natural light into vehicle cabins, enhances comfort, reduces air conditioning use and supports fuel efficiency.
From October 1 through October 14, Vision Systems’ SPD-Smart aerospace and ground transportation products were exhibited at three leading industry events held in the United States and Europe. More details about the SPD-Smart Naunce and Noctis products from Vision Systems that were exhibited, and the substantial interest they enjoyed, is available in the events’ news release.
Electronically dimmable Nuance and Noctis products – windows, roof shades and partitions – are impact-resistant, offer weight-savings and can add room to cabin interiors. They are completely silent, available in flat and curved surfaces, and can be controlled automatically, by the driver or by passengers. Vision Systems’ Noctis products offer enhanced blackout solar protection and complete privacy.
Made with patented light-control SPD film developed by Research Frontiers, SPD-SmartGlass™ is the world’s fastest-switching variably tintable dynamic glazing technology. It is the only dimmable window technology that gives users the ability to instantly and precisely control the level of shading to any point between very dark and clear. This provides exceptional control over solar energy while also adding to user comfort and protecting interiors. Available in both glass and lightweight polycarbonate substrates, SPD-Smart products – windows, sunroofs, skylights, doors, partitions and more – are laminated glazings that offer a distinctive combination of energy efficiency and security, can be controlled manually or automatically, and are available in custom sizes and fabrications for original equipment, new construction, replacement and retrofit projects.
Now in its 40th year, Busworld Kortrijk is the platform for visitors from all over the world to discover what’s new in the world of buses and coaches. This year’s event features over 50,000 m² of exhibition space and more than 350 exhibitors from over 30 countries worldwide. Promoting the slogan “sustainable mobility,” this year’s Busworld Kortrijk will give special attention to products and enterprises which contribute to the sustainable ambitions and the environmental image of the bus and coach industry. Busworld is highlighting Visions Systems and its SPD-Smart Nuance and Noctis products as proponents of sustainable mobility.
Information about Busworld 2011 is available from the event website.
About Vision Systems
Vision Systems is a first tier system supplier of the automotive and aeronautics industries. Based in France for more than 70 years, the company has 230 employees. The company’s products are focused on innovation and are designed to ensure competitive advantage to all customers both on cost and quality performance.
Vision Systems operates two business units: Vision Systems Automotive and Vision Systems Aeronautics.
Vision Systems Automotive is a business unit dedicated to develop and produce systems for coaches, busses, trucks, camping-cars and railway. To reach its growth goals, the automotive division has heavily invested by designing innovative systems based on multiple technologies such as electronics, video and mechanics. By assembling these multiple technologies, Vision Systems Automotive offers to OEMs turnkey systems that are easy to integrate in complex environments.
Vision Systems Aeronautics is dedicated to develop and produce systems for commercial, regional, and business aircraft, and helicopters. The aeronautics division has focused on the design, testing and production of innovative systems to secure its world leadership on solar protections and to develop turnkey cab interior solutions to improve passenger comfort.
Details about Vision Systems and their SPD-Smart products can be found in Vision Systems’ press release, from their Busworld 2011 Exhibitor Profile, and on the company’s website.
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About Research Frontiers Inc.
Research Frontiers Inc. is the developer of SPD-Smart light-control technology which allows users to instantly, precisely and uniformly control the shading of glass or plastic, either manually or automatically. Having invested over $82 million to date to develop its technology, Research Frontiers currently holds approximately 500 patents and patent applications worldwide and has built an infrastructure of 39 licensed companies that collectively are capable of serving the growing global demand for smart glass products in automobiles, homes, buildings, aircraft and boats. Further information about SPD-Smart technology, Research Frontiers and its licensees can be found at
Note: From time to time Research Frontiers may issue forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties. This press release contains forward-looking statements. Actual results could differ and are not guaranteed. Any forward-looking statements should be considered accordingly. “SPD-Smart” and “SPD-SmartGlass” are trademarks of Research Frontiers Inc.
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For further information about SPD-Smart light-control technology or to schedule a visit to the Research Frontiers Design Center, please contact:
Gregory M. Sottile, Ph.D.
Research Frontiers Inc.

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